all the world’s greatest minds are wearing it

In my dream, I won an (undisclosed) prize, and as a reward was given a live Octopus to wear on my head.

When I got to the stage, it was crowded with the world’s top minds – who each sported their own fetching Octopus.

Octopus head

the useless flatmates

the useless flatmates 1 the useless flatmates 2 This dream taught me: That it doesn’t matter if you get telepathy from the aliens if your flatmates are useless bastards.

the hunchcat

“Oh no! That poor squirrel has a debilitating hunchback!”

Alas, that is no squirrel. All I can say is that you don’t always get everything right when attempting to draw someone’s cat.


The real Farrah (not a true hunchcat)

The real Farrah

the moment that I really lost the audience

BeetrootThe drummer in my band hadn’t turned up. I forgot my lyrics… and I was playing with an unrehearsed children’s orchestra.

But the moment that I really lost my audience was when the boy stepped up to play a silent solo on his beetroot.

drooling to excess

The drooling problem

My kitten has developed a drooling problem.

That’s Albie. And this is my Friday Drawing of a Cat.

It’s all well and good drawing pictures of my own cats every Friday, but wouldn’t you like me to branch out and draw your cat instead?

Just Instagram dat sh*t, yo.

And tag me so I know it’s there. #thesehungrycats